Mood’n’future: An escapade into electronic, bass focused music

My Mood’n’future journey started in late 2009 and has yet to end. It began with dubstep and autonomic inspired sounds, ventured onwards to new garage and UK funky tracks. Everything with a bass tinged flavour was and is absorbed. Mix in some neighbouring fields; IDM, techno, hiphop and experimental electronics for that extra savory blend. So far I have 20 Spotify playlists packed with wonderful music. More is on the way, believe it or not. Enjoy!

  1. Mood’n’future I
  2. Mood’n’future II
  3. Mood’n’future III
  4. Mood’n’future IV
  5. Mood’n’future V
  6. Mood’n’future VI
  7. Mood’n’future VII
  8. Mood’n’future VIII
  9. Mood’n’future IX
  10. Mood’n’future X
  11. Mood’n’future XI
  12. Mood’n’future XII
  13. Mood’n’future XIII
  14. Mood’n’future XIV
  15. Mood’n’future XV
  16. Mood’n’future XVI
  17. Mood’n’future XVII
  18. Mood’n’future XVIII
  19. Mood’n’future XIX
  20. Mood’n’future XX